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By Olga Popovich Larsen

This quantity bridges the distance among engineers' and designers' realizing of structural shape. It goals to encourage designers to strengthen cutting edge and doable structural kinds. It provides the typical matters and difficulties confronted and demonstrates how one can triumph over them by utilizing excessive profile case studies.


awarded in components, this publication goals to motivate designers to advance structural kinds. the 1st half is theoretical and investigates resource of suggestion for making use of our personal instinct and the Read more...

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We all notice the even temperatures throughout the year in massive structures. This is especially evident on a hot summer day when we enter a cool cathedral built with thick stone walls! In a similar way the structure of the hogan follows a very intelligent logic. e. dead loads of the thick layer of mud, the structure of the roof is constructed using big sections of timber. The timber struc- ture of a hogan is a lot heavier (stronger) than one of the tepee, but so is the dead load of the mud enclosure of the hogan compared to the lightweight animal skin membrane of the tepee.

Mainstone4 describes how this probably came about by corbelling small masonry blocks over an opening, gradually becoming true arches over centuries or millennia. It was probably through these attempts to build greater and more beautiful structures that men learned how some structural forms work better for certain materials than others. It is how, without analytical skills, they could develop appropriate structural forms that we still admire today. Another very important issue with all structures is stability.

It is a very efficient but also a very beautiful structural form. It is a structure where the engineering and architectural aspects are interwoven and work together in the same way as the structure cleverly shares the load among its members. What is interesting though, is that many years before grid shells had been designed, yurts used trellised wall panels that are true predecessors to contemporary grid shells. And more impor- tantly they were developed through trial, error and the strong feeling of intuition that we all carry deeply imprinted.

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