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By William Coleman

Cholera is without doubt one of the oldest recognized and best-understood infectious illnesses. Thriving in unclean water, it is still a normal killer in nations the place sanitary water resources are scarce. This publication describes the historical past of this infectious ailment and discusses features that permit the microorganism to reason critical illnesses.

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His work led to the stu dy of p u bl i c health, and to this day we benefit from his legacy. TRACKING EPIDEMICS Did you know that satellites can track worldwide epidemics? Ocean height, turbidity, and sea surface temperature can be observed and photographed from above and have often been linked to emerging epidemics. By examining photographs from past years as well as the data giving the numbers of cholera cases during those years, it has been shown that there is an i n c rease in the numbers of cholera cases when the sea surface temperature is elevated and the ocean height is high.

Un opened pack a ges of the same brand of coconut milk (but a different shipm ent) wh i ch had been i m ported from Asia were ex a m i n ed . Ch o l era bacteria were found within the food . 3. The number of cholera cases in the United States has increased slightly since the 1960s. However, many of the cases were due either to food imported from other countries or travel outside the United States. In this same year, 16 other cases occurred in the United States. All of the individuals affected had recently traveled to ether South America or to Asia.

Eight days later, a man who rented the room that Mr. Harnold had used also died of cholera. The doctor attending him, however, did not. Dr. Snow wanted to know why two men had died, yet the third had not. Many learned men of the day thought that diseases such as cholera were carried from one person to another through the air. Dr. Snow wanted to find out for sure. Dr. Snow knew of many cases in which it seemed clear that the disease was carried from a sick person to a healthy person. He began to collect this information and keep careful records of these cases.

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