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A photographic paperback sequence designed to introduce the attention-grabbing international of animals and the way they boost. during this informative and hugely visible sequence, beautiful step by step images permits little ones to work out a butterfly emerge from its cocoon and unfold its wings, or see what occurs whilst an egg hatches and a chick emerges. every one booklet comes with a sticky label sheet filled with lovable pictures of the animals featured within the ebook.

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30 EXplore! The Earth is an eXtremely beautiful planet. It is a planet with eXtra-special places to eXplore. It is full of eXciting animals and eXotic plants. You can learn more about the Earth by taking walks in nature, by watching nature shows, or by reading books. Do not forget to visit the zoo near you, too! You at the Zoo Some zoos look like the natural habitats of animals. Animals have trees to climb and room to roam around. These zoos often help animals by teaching people about them. Find out what the zoo These kids are watching a bear at a zoo.

The animals that lived in these forests have lost their homes. Without homes, many of these animals die. These pictures show rain forests being cut down or burned. Where can the animals go? 29 Wetland habitats Wetlands are areas of land that are covered with water for at least part of the year. There are many plants and animals living in and around wetland habitats. Alligators live in wetlands, and many birds visit wetlands to rest and to find food. People also visit wetlands to enjoy activities such as hiking, canoeing, and camping.

Underground homes Some animals live in underground habitats. Living under the ground keeps these animals safe from predators. Predators are animals that hunt and eat other animals. Groundhogs, armadillos, prairie dogs, and earthworms live under the ground, but all these animals spend time above ground, too. This baby groundhog is peeking out of its underground tunnel home, called a burrow. 28 Vanishing habitats Vanishing means disappearing. Many habitats on Earth are getting smaller. Some are gone forever.

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