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By Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Leda Hubbard, a forensic pathologist, will get the task of her desires whilst an old-fashioned buddy hires her to gather and authenticate the DNA of the well-known Cleopatra. It’s all nice enjoyable for Leda until eventually, in the course of a huge catastrophe, her colourful dad, the dig’s safety expert, is killed via a gaggle attempting to hijack the dear fabric for a “blend,” a method within which the queen’s DNA is used to import her stories, character, and personality qualities to a brand new host. They screw up, although, and get Leda’s dad’s DNA as an alternative. to maintain the queen from going to the murderers, Leda blends with Cleopatra herself, studying much more approximately Egypt than she ever desired to know.

“ A vivid, occasionally funny, frequently darkish, yet continuously leading edge speculative fiction. . . Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is often a deal with to learn yet with this novel, she takes readers the place no

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Everybody had had a piece of the country at one time or another. Romans, Greeks, Arabs, the French with Napoleon, the English, the Germans—everybody but Quinn the Eskimo had claimed the Nile. Duke found all of this pretty interesting. After all, if Nucore had more or less the status of an independent state within a country, and he was supposed to be part of a force that represented the customs, immigrations, army, navy, air and police force, it behooved him to know what he was dealing with. And who.

But she had not been able to squeeze in the additional studies necessary to specialize in Egyptology with the time and money allotted her. The Navy, while debating about paying for her graduate degree while she was on active duty, suggested in their cute little bureaucratic way that Egyptologists were less likely to make it through school without being called into a war zone than, say, their useful colleagues who studied corpses of more recent vintage. In the charming phrasing of the Graduate Studies in Continuing Education financial assistance and career counseling officer, "This is a weird sort of thing you want to study, Chief Hubbard, but the Navy does have a certain limited use for forensic scientists.

Yes. We arranged to be here along with the recruitment delegation from Nucore, the corporation that sponsors our work. We have a matter of a highly confidential nature we wished to discuss with you—a matter involving your interest in Egypt. If indeed you have continued with your studies and achieved such eminence that our gift was a slight, forgive us. " "Gee, I wish you had sent a note with it and told me how to find you. " "That might have raised questions we were unprepared to answer until now about matters we aren't at liberty to discuss freely.

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