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I t is noted that, with very few exceptions, modifications in equipment or technique which improve image quality also increase patient dose. Notable exceptions include (1)decrease of field size which improves image quality by decreasing scattered radiation and which also decreases the mean energy imparted to the patient by decreasing the volume irradiated and (2) the use of screens with increased absorption coefficients which allow a decrease in patient dose with no change in image quality The choice, acceptance testing and use of modern imaging devices can often involve complex considerations.

More merit testing is indicated when image quality deteriorates. 1 Factors Affecting Image Quality (a) Image contrast in film radiography increases primarily with decreased kilovoltage applied to the x-ray tube and with increased average gradient of the film used. 4) and increased air gap between the patient and the film cassette. Contrast is also dependent upon developer characteristics and developing conditions. Note that image contrast and image latitude are reciprocal entities. The higher the image contrast, the smaller the image latitude and vice versa (b) Image resolution increases primarily with decreased x-ray tube focal spot size, with increased SSD, and with slower (thinner)intensifying screens in the image receptor.

F) Body section radiographic equipment, particularly multipurpose machines, s M be equipped with adjustable collimators containing light localizers that define the edges of the entire field. The difference between the length of each x-ray beam edge and each light-field edge shall not be greater than two percent of the source to image receptor distance at the image receptor. (g)Means shaU be provided to align the center of the x-raybeam, the fulcrum and the center of the image receptor. (h)A device s M be provided that automatically terminates the body section radiographic'exposure at a preset time interval, angle or kerma at the mceptor.

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