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>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | To: Andrea Dougan/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Florence Gray/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Deria | | Miller/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Damonte Burkes/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Erin | Fickey/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, DeNericka Kimble/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Sakeena | | | Austin/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Dede Clinch/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP | | Hamid/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Cynthia Bialas/WVC/MADEUP@MADEUP, Amber | | cc: | | 33 34 | | Stealing Candy from a Baby Subject: FW: spider warning | >------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Subject: FW: spider warning Three women in North Florida turned up at hospitals over a 5-day period, all with the same symptoms.

You can use a secondary email address that you give to your friend. If he or she exposes that email address, the effect on you is reduced. After your newbie friends have started to learn about the good and the bad on the Web, you can give them your main email address and trust they won’t compromise your privacy. Although this method might seem a little harsh, when your privacy has been compromised, there’s no going back. After a spammer has your email address, you can’t take it back. You can fix the problem that disclosed your With Friends Like These… | 37 email address in the first place, but just as Pandora couldn’t put the evil spirits back in the box, you can’t undo the damage that has already been done.

Random Generators Besides following an educated guess based on a pattern, spammers can also use a totally brute-force technique for gleaning addresses. This technique is akin to blindfolding people, taking them out into the woods, handing them a loaded shotgun, and having them fire it to see whether they hit anything. (As a side note, it’s better to be the person shooting than the one handing over the shotgun. ) With enough time, attackers could “shotgun” guess your email address. Although this technique generates a lot of false addresses, it does get some hits.

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