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But even people who tan can get skin cancer. People who live in areas that get high levels of UV radiation have a higher risk of skin cancer. In the United States, areas in the south (such as Texas and Florida) get more UV radiation than areas in the north (such as Minnesota). Also, people who live in the mountains get high levels of UV radiation. UV radiation is present even in cold weather or on a cloudy day. This chapter begins with “UV Radiation And Cancer Risk,” excerpted from “What You Need to Know About Skin Cancer,” National Cancer Institute, August 1, 2005.

Do the other family members want to know? Because gene test results hold a wealth of information, confidentiality is a major concern. Persons have been denied health insurance, have lost jobs or promotions, and even have been turned down for adoption based upon their gene status. The decision to undergo testing is a very personal one, and experts stress that it should be totally voluntary. Chapter 5 Family History And Cancer Risk What is family history? Family history refers to health information about you and your close relatives.

From Bleyer A, O’Leary M, Barr R, Ries LAG (eds): Cancer Epidemiology in Older Adolescents and Young Adults 15 to 29 Years of Age, Including SEER Incidence and Survival: 1975–2000. National Cancer Institute, NIH Pub. No. 06-5767. Bethesda, MD 2006. Cancers Teens Get 29 Losing a limb can be devastating, especially for teens who are already dealing with body changes. Counseling and physical therapy (also called physical rehabilitation) can both be helpful in this situation. People who have amputations are usually fitted with a prosthesis (pronounced: prahsthee-sus), or artificial limb.

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