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By Saron Keeley

Bankruptcy 1: the fundamentals of Algebra
Chapter 2: Rational and Irrational Numbers.
Chapter three: Two-Dimensional Figures.
Chapter four: Linear Functions.
Chapter five: Powers.
Chapter 6: the fundamentals of Statistics.
Chapter 7: 3-dimensional Geometry.
Chapter eight: Percents, Rounding, and Accuracy.

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This expression can be simplified to 2b + 4. Guided Practice Write variable expressions to describe the sentences in Exercises 6–9. Use x as the variable in each case, and say what it represents. 6. A rectangle has a length of 2 inches. What is its area? 7. Jenny has five fewer apples than Jamal. How many apples does Jenny have in total? 8. 75 a glass. How much money will they take? 9. A gym charges $10 per month membership plus $3 per visit. What is the cost of using the gym for a month? Some Expr essions Describe Mor e than One Oper a tion Expressions More Opera You can also translate sentences with multiple operations in the same way.

Kilowatts • hours = kilowatt-hours The computer will use 2 kilowatt-hours of energy. Guided Practice Check it out: You can use the / symbol to mean “divided by” when you are writing units. Say what units the answers will have in Exercises 8–11. 8. 40 miles ÷ 2 hours = 20 ? 9. 5 newtons • 3 meters = 15 ? 10. 6 persons • 4 days = 24 ? 11. $25 ÷ 5 hours = 5 ? Independent Practice 1. The sale bin at a music store has CDs for $4 each. Eric buys four CDs and some posters, and uses a coupon for $2 off his purchase.

Ellis bought a notebook costing $3 and six pens. He spent $15 in total. Find the price of one pen, p. Solution First write out the information you have: Total spent = $15 Cost of notebook = $3 Cost of six pens = 6p Check it out: When you’ve solved your equation you’ll need to decide if the solution needs units. In this example you’re figuring out the price of a pen in dollars, so your answer is $2. 7. 2 — Equations You know that six pens and the notebook cost a total of $15. So you can write an equation with the cost of each of the items bought on one side, and the total spent on the other.

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