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By Peter Paulson

You’ve been lied to…

I’m sorry to damage it to you, yet it’s true.

Much of what you’ve learn is inaccurate, holds you again and retains you from achieving your health goals.

The health has an idea referred to as “complicate to learn” and it’s a con that has awful


- It takes cash out of your pocket and places it into the industries pockets

- Over-complicates the well-being and health international leaving you misplaced in a sea of misinformation

- Prevents you from taking motion and has you leaping from fad to fad, by no means seeing results

I are looking to finish this, and that’s why I wrote this book…

Build Your Dream physique is the booklet that cuts throughout the sea of bewilderment and misinformation.

It breaks the lies of the and eliminates the fluff providing you with precisely what you must construct Your

Dream Body.

Inside the ebook you’ll get precisely what you want to pack on lean, attractive muscle, shred fats and look

your best.

We’ll divulge the myths of the health leaving you with basic and confirmed suggestions that

work and get results.

This is the publication running shoes, complement businesses and health bloggers don’t wish you to read.

Everything from nutrition, workout, muscle development, fats loss and physique re-composition is roofed in a

simple, actionable way.

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You also want to take into account how many grams of protein you are getting in each serving. 25 grams per pound of your body weight. 75 grams of protein per day. To put that in perspective, one egg has 6 grams of protein, a cup of walnuts has 12 grams, and a porterhouse steak has 21 grams. Keeping within these limits will keep you from storing fat from protein that cannot be processed right away. How to Get the Best Dietary Results When you want to cut to the chase and get real results, FAST, you are definitely going to want to give Intermittent Fasting a go.

That is one serving of protein. Now, make a fist and look at it. That is one serving of carbs. Make a fist with your other hand. That is one serving of vegetables. Ideally, one serving of meat will be one palm of protein, and one fist is one unit of carbs. For post workouts, you can eat up to two units of carbs. Add two fists of vegetables and you are good to go. For fats, one or two tablespoons is great, and make sure you sprinkle spices lavishly. In regard to protein foods, it is not just the serving size that matters, although it is important to keep in mind.

These foods include legumes such as kidney beans, black beans, and chickpeas. This will increase the speed of amino acids getting absorbed into muscle tissue. Finally, get creative when you cook to get the most bang for your buck. An example of this would be to cook with butter rather than oil. This will give you a healthy fat and help boost your testosterone. Heating oils such as olive oil and coconut oil also breaks down a lot of the benefits they offer. This makes butter the top choice for cooking.

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