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It details the life of Jessie Argyle, Kinnane’s grandmother, who had a life-long struggle with social restrictions. ’ Kinnane describes this influence on Jessie as being a ‘constant cycle of control and entrapment’. In almost every instance the implementation of these ethnically specific, state-sanctioned laws were carried out by the police. ’ By the turn of the twentieth century in Australia there were many theories about the plight of Indigenous peoples. The main one was based around Social Darwinism and the tacit assumption that blood percentages determined a person’s character and supported the idea that ‘full-blood’ Aboriginal people were dying out.

Scott of Cranbrook. Unfortunately, by the middle of October Mr Scott advised the Aborigines Department that ‘Krakouer was no longer employed by him, Krakouer having proved BrotherBoys Final Pages 30-3-05 4/5/05 7:57 AM Page 25 Untold 25 unsatisfactory as he does not stick to his work’. Harold’s situation was compounded further when on 18 November he was given a month and a half jail term for assaulting and being unlawfully on the premises of a Mr Egerton-Warburton at Bridgetown. With Alf’s itinerant working lifestyle becoming more unreliable, the family had to move into the bigger town of Cranbrook and here Eric’s life changed significantly.

In 1973 the clock on the north wall of the Mt Barker Municipal Library and Shire Offices said ten past eight. Situated at the snaking T-junction in the middle of town, the face of the clock was bathed in crisp winter sunlight. But the sun’s warmth was lessened due to the chilly southwester, which blew straight off the Southern Ocean across the southwest tip of the state whistling down Muir Highway past Manjimup, past Rocky Gully until it hit the Mt Barker Municipal Library and Shire Offices. In front of the library an orange school bus, half-full of thirteen-year-old boys, was parked horizontally across several parking bays.

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