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This e-book makes a speciality of broadband distribution and structures structure and concentrates on sensible strategies that may enable the reader to do their very own layout, development, and troubleshooting paintings. the target is to reinforce the ability units of a big inhabitants that designs and builds broadband cable vegetation, in addition to these preserving and troubleshooting it. a wide cross-section of technical team of workers who have to study those abilities layout, keep, and repair HFC platforms from sign production via transmission to reception and processing on the consumer finish element. additionally, data/voice and video experts have to grasp and reference the fundamentals of HFC layout and distribution prior to contending with the intricacies in their personal distinct prone. This e-book serves as an important connection with all cable engineers-those who particularly layout and keep the HFC distribution plant in addition to these basically taken with data/voice know-how in addition to video expertise. integrated is an internet part together with spreadsheets that have been utilized in constructing the cloth provided within the e-book.

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For adjusting the gain of the amplifier as needed to meet system needs. Amplifiers differ in how many stages are employed, internal splitting, redundancy provisions, where operating adjustments are in the chain, automatic gain control, and the performance of each gain block. Many have provisions for automatically adjusting amplifier gain to compensate for changing input signal levels (automatic gain control). As will be seen, optimum operation of repeatered coaxial distribution systems results when the levels of the FDM subcarriers at the output of amplifiers are not equal but increase with frequency.

N ¼ the angular frequencies of the input signals E1,2, . 26, it can be shown that the output spectrum will have signals at the fundamental frequencies of the input signals and all combinations of 3ox, 2ox Æ oy, and ox Æ oy Æ oz, where ox oy, and oz are any of the input frequencies. In particular, products with contributions from one, two, and three signals will be present, as follows: Terms arising from a single input signal: ! 29) Just as with a single sine wave, this indicates that the output contains, in addition to the linearly amplified input signals, two terms proportional to the cube of the input voltage level of each of the carriers, one at the fundamental carrier frequency and one at three times the carrier frequency.

Note, however, that for channels 4 and 5, the lower second-order beats are not at the band edge but rather in band at 750 kHz above the visual carrier. 25-MHz CSO beats: 77 analog signals, Standard channel plan. 26 CHAPTER 2 Coaxial RF Technology Note also that the number of upper-side (in-band) products increases linearly, peaking at channel 101 (well above the analog spectrum), then declines linearly but with a significant number of products even at 1 GHz. If amplifiers were operated with all output levels equal, the power in each beat cluster could be calculated to be 10 log(n), where n is the number of beats.

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