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By D. D. Raphael

Volumes:1. Hobbes - homosexual; 2. Hume - Bentham, and Index.

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Here I have followed the precedent of Cicero, who is, I think, a safe guide on the usage of a Latin word. In De Legibus, Book I, he acknowledges that reason is common to God and men, and he has held that wisdom (which all ascribe to God) is nothing other than reason in its fully developed state. I have used the word 'forms' to indicate that the aforesaid benevo-84- causam esse intrinsecam praesentis, et efficientem futurae foelicitatis, et utriusque respectu necessario requisitam. Addidi autem [quantum ab ipsis lence is both the intrinsic cause of present happiness and the efficient cause of future happiness, and is necessarily required fieri potest] ut innuerem rerum externarum adjumenta in nostra saepe non esse potestate, quamquam illa ad vitae animalis foelicitatem requirantur; et a legibus naturae moralisque philosophiae non alia expectanda esse vitae beatae auxilia, quam praecepta circa actiones, et ea actionum objecta quae in nostra sunt potestate.

Illa autem Praemia poenaeque sufficiunt, quae tanta sunt, et tam certo distribuuntur, ut manifesto magis conducat ad integram singulorum foelicitatem (quam per naturam universi obtinere possunt, et necessario expetwit) si publico bono perpetuo serviant, quam si quicquam in contrarium attentarent. Contrariae huic fini actiones et omissiones iisque annexa the will of the First Cause, pointing out an action, of service to the common good of rational beings, the performance of which is followed, owing to the nature of rational beings, by adequate reward, while its neglect is followed by adequate punishment.

First printed, 1731. Reprinted here from the first edition, with spelling modified, initial capital letters and italics reduced, and footnotes (giving quotations or technical terms in Greek or Latin) omitted] II. A TREATISE OF FREEWILL [Written before 1688. First printed, 1838, edited by John Allen. Reprinted here from that edition, with errors corrected, spelling slightly modified, and the editor's footnotes omitted] -104- RALPH CUDWORTH A Treatise concerning Eternal and Immutable Morality BOOK I CHAP.

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