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By Lynn M. Stone

From sea-living creatures to reptiles, to carnivorous vegetation, the 'Nature Watch' sequence caters for researchers and pleasure-readers alike, with a wealth of data and images of flora and fauna of their common environments internationally.

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Box turtles are wild animals, and they are best left in the wild exactly where they were found. The box turtle is one of nature’s unique creations and a natural part of North America’s wetlands, prairies, and forests. Our efforts to keep those places wild will help keep these fascinating little reptiles with the boxy shells out and about for centuries to come. The unique box turtle will wander freely as long as we protect its natural habitats from destruction. 43 GLOSSARY carapace: a turtle’s upper shell parasites: animals that live in or on other animals and depend on them for food caruncle: a growth on a turtle hatchling’s snout.

Cold and crusty, turtles have never caught the public’s fancy the way that animals with fur and feathers have. This makes it difficult to convince governments Many box turtles are killed on highways as they slowly make their way across. 39 Above: Fish and Wildlife Service biologists study eastern box turtles. The numbers of these turtles are falling because of loss of habitat and capture by turtle collectors. Inset: The endangered Coahuilan box turtle is protected in the United States. to pass tough turtle protection laws.

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