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By Stephen Wilkinson

Bodies on the market: Ethics and Exploitation within the Human physique exchange explores the philosophical and sensible concerns raised via actions comparable to surrogacy and organ trafficking. Stephen Wilkinson asks what's it that makes a few advertisement makes use of of the physique debatable, no matter if the arguments opposed to advertisement exploitation get up, and even if laws outlawing such practices is admittedly justified.

In half One Wilkinson explains and analyses many of the notoriously slippery recommendations utilized in the physique commodification debate, together with exploitation, damage and consent. partially he makes a speciality of 3 debatable concerns (the trading of human kidneys, advertisement surrogacy, and DNA patenting) outlining modern law and investigating either the ethical matters and the arguments for felony prohibition.

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Hence, exploiters do normally use others to benefit themselves, which is why the benefit condition strikes us as initially plausible. But attempting to benefit oneself is not a necessary part of being an exploiter. This proposal, which we might term the use condition, is in substance more or less the same as Feinberg’s ‘expanded’ benefit condition, but (for reasons given earlier) I prefer to drop talk of benefit, instead of expanding the notion of benefit. 4 Use There are various things about people which we exploit.

She does this for one reason only: in order to pay for a lifesaving transplant operation for her sister Carole. Anne derives no material benefits from the arrangement. On the contrary, she (like Bob) works very hard for a minimal wage, saving all the profits for Carole’s operation. Furthermore, she doesn’t believe that she 18 E X P L O I TAT I O N will derive any emotional or psychological benefits from prolonging her sister’s life, since relations between them are at best ‘frosty’. Rather, Anne is doing this entirely ‘out of a sense of duty’.

Can anything more be said? One substantive answer is suggested by Wood, who offers a very plausible model of the kind of use which normally occurs when one person exploits another. First, he distinguishes two aspects of the ‘standard’ exploitative relationship: advantage-exploitation and benefit-exploitation. ) The vulnerabilities which are the objects of advantage-exploitation are often desires and needs. Hence, we can say, for example, that the starving worker’s need for food and the young ‘wannabe’ footballer’s passionate desire to be a soccer star are advantage-exploited by their employers; or that the economically dependent wife’s need for money and a home is advantage-exploited by her husband; or that the terminally ill patient’s desperate desire for a ‘miracle cure’ is advantage-exploited by the biomedical researchers who recruit her into their clinical trial.

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