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By Melissa Stewart

This attractive sequence teaches readers in regards to the physique and its many gross services.

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Animals depend on plants for two things: food and oxygen. 40 Fossilized Farts Plants and animals make perfect partners. Animals inhale air, use the oxygen in it, and release the carbon dioxide. Plants use that carbon dioxide— along with water and energy from the sun—to make food. And guess what they give off—that’s right, oxygen. How perfect is that? In 2002 a scientist named Lynn Margulis accidentally dropped and broke a piece of amber, or fossilized tree resin, with a 20-millionyear-old termite inside.

The gases burst out, race up your esophagus, and explode out of your mouth. Buurrp! You usually belch a few times after you eat, but you’ll burp more if you eat too much or too fast, or if you drink through a straw. What's That Sound? Cup one hand, hold it under your opposite armpit, and then pump that arm up and down. What do you hear? ” Either way, it’s produced in almost the same way your voice is. As air squeezes through the gap between your hand and your arm, your skin vibrates to make the sound.

Capillary—A tiny blood vessel through which oxygen and nutrients move into cells and carbon dioxide moves into the blood. carbon dioxide—An invisible gas that animals make as they use energy from food. cilium (pl. cilia)—A tiny hair. Cilia in the respiratory system sweep snot, mucus, and phlegm containing invading particles to the esophagus or mouth. 42 diaphragm—A sheet of muscles that forms the floor of the chest cavity. epiglottis—A flap of tissue at the top of the larynx. It closes when you swallow, so food travels down the esophagus to your stomach.

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