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SULLIVAN Moral and Pastoral Theology, 566; H. Davis. Summa theologiae moralis, Merkelbach, 4. B. Theologia moralis, 152. p. 349; Aertnys-C. J. Damen, nr. 566. I, H. Jone-U. Adelman, Moral Theology, 5. II, II, nr. 146. p. : The Newman Press, 1950), chapter 3. 6. Cf. 7. J. De Lugo, De justitia 8. , 9. L. non p. 259, nr. Molina, est De 102 justitia dominus propriae et jure (Lyons: 1670), Sect I, 4, nr. 102. f. e^jure (Venetiis: 1611), Vol. IV, Disp. vitae ac membrorum, I, nr. 1. " peccat contra justitiam, quoniam destruit quod .

Simply because of the danger, that, Lastly the thesis is he if concerned with direct cannot I lives, I kill a diseased man or others shall die. killing. Direct killing ^ means an action or omission that has no other immediate end than the death of a person. If a The death man is is intended as an end in killed out of revenge, sirable in itself and hence is direct killing. -' inflicted as an end de- or as a is man is killed in order that a an end be put to his sufferings, then the death an end, but these cases the death inflicted must be understood itself then the death is this is also direct killing.

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