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Qxd 11/18/06 3:45 PM Page 7 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING OUR TOOLS Installing SSMSE SSMSE is the primary tool for administering SSE databases. Let’s install it next. To install SSMSE: 1. com/vstudio/express/sql/download/ (the MSSE download page) and scroll down to “3. ” Click Download under SQL Server Management Studio Express. When the File Download - Security Warning window appears, either click Run or click Save and specify your install folder. ) 2. msi, which starts the VCSE installation process. When the Open File - Security Warning window appears, click Run.

All the Employees columns are listed as nodes and labeled with their data type and nullability. Primary keys and foreign keys are indicated by “PK” and “FK,” respectively. qxd 24 11/18/06 3:43 PM Page 24 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW OUR TOOLS Figure 2-10. Displaying table columns with Object Explorer 11. Double-click the EmployeeID node, and you’ll get a complete list of its properties, as in Figure 2-11. Close the window by clicking OK, Cancel, or just the X icon. 12. Contract the Northwind Tables node (simply to make the Object Explorer tree smaller), and expand the Programmability node.

When the Choose Installation Options window appears, click Next. 5. When the Confirm Installation window appears, click Next. 6. A progress window briefly appears, followed by the Installation Complete window. The installation files have been extracted to (no, we’re not kidding) C:\SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases (see Figure 1-13). Note that the sample databases haven’t yet been created. ” Click Close. qxd 12 11/18/06 3:45 PM Page 12 CHAPTER 1 ■ GETTING OUR TOOLS Figure 1-13. Northwind installation script’s Installation Complete Creating the Northwind Sample Database We need to run a Transact-SQL (T-SQL) script to create the Northwind database.

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