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Danger in the Field: Ethics and Risk in Social Research

The character of qualitative inquiry signifies that researchers consistently need to take care of the unforeseen, and all too usually this implies dealing with the presence of probability or possibility. This cutting edge and energetic research of threat in quite a few qualitative study settings is drawn from researchers' reflexive money owed in their personal encounters with 'danger'.

Questioning Ethics: Contemporary Debates in Philosophy

This significant dialogue takes a glance at one of the most vital moral matters confronting us this day by way of the various world’s top thinkers. together with essays from top thinkers, equivalent to Jurgen Habermas, Alasdair MacIntyre, Julia Kristeva and Paul Ricoeur, the book’s spotlight – an interview with Jacques Derrida - offers the main obtainable perception into his pondering on ethics and politics for a few years.

Dante's Deadly Sins: Moral Philosophy in Hell

Dante’s lethal Sins is a different research of the ethical philosophy in the back of Dante’s grasp paintings that considers the Commedia as he meant, particularly, as a realistic consultant to ethical betterment. targeting Inferno and Purgatorio, Belliotti examines the puzzles and paradoxes of Dante’s ethical assumptions, his therapy of the 7 lethal sins, and the way 10 of his strongest ethical classes count on smooth existentialism.

Thomas Jefferson : uncovering his unique philosophy and vision

This can be the 1st ebook to systematize the philosophical content material of Thomas Jefferson’s writings. Sifting via Jefferson’s many addresses, messages, and letters, thinker M. Andrew Holowchak uncovers an intensely curious Enlightenment philosopher with a well-constructed, people-sympathetic, and constant philosophy.

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He could have become hardened or brutalized. Or, short of this, taken comfort in the thought that, even if sealing the border was a bit cruel, preventing “excessive Jewish influence” from tainting Switzerland made it necessary. Why didn’t he? The answer is that preventing this was not a priority of his, owing to a trait that was not so normal. In a part of Switzerland where nearly everyone was either Catholic or Protestant and the token Jewish presence had sparked its share of bigotry—in the 1920s, a Christian defense group waged an anti-Semitic campaign against Jews on the St.

By this point, Grüninger had obtained a teaching diploma and moved to the neighboring town of Au, where he’d joined the staff of a primary school and met Alice Federer, a colleague to whom he’d gotten engaged. Alice didn’t want to live in St. Gallen, but at the urging of his mother, Grüninger applied for the opening in the police department and beat out seventy other candidates for the post. Shortly after they’d settled in St. Gallen, the newly married couple’s first daughter, Ruth, was born. A few years later, in 1925, Grüninger was promoted to police captain, which elevated his stature and responsibilities.

They saw them as members of a dehumanized minority group that had to be eliminated for the good of the Fatherland. Daniel Goldhagen’s theory that Germans were gripped by a uniquely virulent brand of “eliminationist” anti-Semitism, which predated Hitler’s rise to power and led them to kill Jews with exuberant joy, has rightly been criticized as simplistic and crude. ” “The men of Reserve Battalion 101, like the rest of German society, were immersed in a deluge of racist and anti-Semitic propaganda,” observed Browning.

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