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9 These include 'Reflections by Barbara Pym concerning herself and Julian Amery, c. 1939-1952, with (fol. 29) an envelope containing a pressed flower and a blue handkerchief. 29 leaves' (MS Pym 146), her letters from Amery (MS Pym 147, fols 1-36), and the short story 'The Love of a Good Woman' (MS Pym 93). Before these restrictions were imposed, Kate Heberlein included in her dissertation a synopsis of this story, the only one of the collection now unavailable to scholars. The Early Work- Poems, Stories, Radio Plays 29 The first section, set in 1873, shows Julian Avery (not Amery) as a spoiled, selfish, cruel ten-year-old.

When she had recovered from the first shock Laura found herself grieving not so much for his death, as that could make no practical difference to her, but for the picture she had of him. The remembrance of her wonderful imaginings about his journey made her feel foolish and a little desolate, when all the time he The Early Work - Poems, Stories, Radio Plays 43 had been perfectly safe in an Oxfordshire village, his life as dull as hers. He might even have been an Air Raid Warden. She paused, considering this possibility for Crispin with amusement and dismay.

When she turns to find herself face-to-face with her quarry, 'He was smiling - he was obviously going to speak to her', she flees in panic before any words can be exchanged. ' Growing calmer, she begins to rationalise, turning the non-event from defeat into victory: 'For whatever could they have said to each other? She had made such a fool of herself that she could probably never come here again .... She drank some coffee and began to feel a little better. How stupid of him to think that she The Early Work- Poems, Stories, Radio Plays 37 was interested in him.

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