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By Robert Devereaux

From an orgy among God, devil, Adam and Eve to attractiveness pageants for fetuses. From a tremendous human-absorbing tongue to a spot the place God is within the eyes of the psychopathic. it is a occasion on the furthest limits of human decency and cruelty. Robert Devereaux is your host yet be careful, he is spiked the punch with medicines, intercourse, and dismemberment. Deadite Press is proud to provide ten tales of the unusual, the gross, and the simply undeniable fucked up from the most unique voices in horror - Robert Devereaux.

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Pay them no mind. ” Dawn poked her head around the kitchen door. “Kyle honey . . oh, hi . . um, sorry, Miss—” “Tiffany,” she said. ” “Oh sure, now I remember. Like Tiffany lamps. You look swell. Soft as a peach. ” Dawn beamed a smile that could melt diamonds. ” She blew him a kiss and was gone. ” Kyle asked. ” She was feeling light-headed. ” “Undo one more button, will you? ” She did as he asked. Kyle smiled and fingered Pause again. 15 Robert Devereaux *** With my rod tucked snug inside Annie and my palms to either side of her elbows on the window sil , I could see Hefty Jake riding into town off to our left, his jet-black stal ion snorting like a raging bul .

Us old codgers, we’re as cute and cuddly as snug buttons. Don’t go denying it. It lets us get away with talking like that, ‘cause we don’t have time to waste skirting around the truth. ” She laughed at the audacity of it. Even so, she felt a rush overwhelm her womanhood, moisten it, make it swell in a way she thought absurd. “Well, Kyle, let’s get to the business at hand, shall we? ” He gave Tiffany a wry wink, leaned forward on the sofa, gnarled hands knuckled between his knees, and launched into his narrative.

I say, “That’s fine, sir,” and that seems to satisfy him because he steps back like film reversed and stands beside his wife. A familiar trill rises in my brain. The others turn their heads, as do I, to the stairs, its sweeping mahogany banister soaring into the warm glow upstairs. And down flies my beloved Tinkerbell, trailing behind her a silent burst of stars. Her lovely face hovers before me, the tip of her wand describing figure-eights in the air. “Hello, Alex my lovely,” she hums into my head.

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