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Many Romans would not think of agreeing to any major decision about politics, war, commerce, or even marriage without first getting Jupiter’s opinion, which could be favorable or unfavorable. ” Jupiter’s opinion might effect the outcome and certainly with Jupiter’s blessing an action was more likely to succeed, but Romans were more concerned with not offending the king of the gods. Asking Jupiter for his blessing was sort of like asking for your father’s permission before borrowing the family car.

The palmist also needs to consider all those funny little marks like Xs and Os and how they interact with everything else. 1. Although different palmist may have different ideas about what these things in the hand mean, traditionally, a palmist would look at each part of the hand in this way and tell a person all about their character and their life in the past and in the future. 1: The Minor Marks of the Hand FORK choice ISLAND weakness GRILLE obstacle CROSS negative influence STAR positive influence will live.

Hippalus’ father was a merchant and he wanted to know if a voyage would be prosperous at this time. He would not think of launching this voyage without the approval of Apollo and he provided his son with plenty of gold coins to pay for his stay in the inn and to pay the consultation tax, called the palanos. On the morning of the seventh day after the new moon, a number sacred to Apollo, Hippalus purified himself in a ritual bath in the Castalian Spring. Then, dressed again in his best tunic and a crown of laurel leaves, he joined a group of men and ascended the flagstone steps known as the Sacred Way.

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