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By Aristote; A. Jannone (ed.); E. Barbotin (trad.)

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Here me, you kill a sage. " it to perish, it. But so long what can the men as of A high State o£Scial, after questioning Tsz-kung, said, "Your Master is a sage, then? " When the Master heard of this he remarked, "Does that disciple rephed, "Certainly full opportunities of high life official know me? was low, and hence my early years my position in my ability in many ways, though In exercised in trifling matters. In the gentieman is there indeed such variety of abiUty? ' "Am I, indeed," said the Master, "possessed of knowledge?

Answered the Master. "The good man, or a superior man might be induced to go, but not to go down. " Tsz-kung said, "Suppose the case of one who confers benefits far and wide upon the people, and who can, in so doing, make his bounty universally felt ^how would you speak of him? " The Master exclaimed, "What a work for philanthropy! He would require indeed to be a sage! He would put into shade even Yau and Shun! ^Well, a philanthropic person, desiring for himself a firm footing, is led on to give one to others; desiring for himself an enlightened perception of things, he is led on to help others to be similarly enlightened.

I hide nothing from you. I do nothing Qiat is not manifest to your eyes, my disciples. " Four tibings there were which he kept in view in his teaching scholarliness, conduct of hfe, honesty, faithfuldisciples sons, as — ness. not given to me," he said, "to meet with a sage; let a man of superior mind, and that will suffice. Neither is it given to me to meet with a good man; let me but see a man of constancy, and it will suffice. " When the Master fished with hook and hne, he did not also use a net.

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