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By Lee Bok

Are ya' bovvered? Are you in poor health of college or paintings and unimpressed with existence typically? Are you uninterested with humans anticipating unreasonable issues from you - like having a wash, getting up and doing, procuring stuff? ARE YA' BOVVERED? has all of the solutions you must justify doing bugger all (provided you'll be afflicted to learn the book).

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6. You’re under-stretched at work so you don’t perspire that much. pmd 52 23/02/2006, 19:32 500 REASONS NOT TO GIVE A SHIT 7. If God didn’t want us to smell he wouldn’t have invented Metallica. 8. You’re sending the money you save on deodorant to Greenpeace. 9. T. 10. There are more important things to think about like the Altonian brain teaser and organizing your blog by stardate. pmd 53 23/02/2006, 19:32 ARE YA’ BOVVERED? 10 REASONS NOT TO GO TO WORK 1. You hate the sexual harassment in the workplace – you prefer to do it in your spare time.

Nose blowing is noisy and therefore the most indiscreet way of clearing your tubes. 5. Washing handkerchiefs damages the environment. pmd 57 23/02/2006, 19:32 ARE YA’ BOVVERED? 10 REASONS NOT TO DO YOGA 1. You found a dead spider on your yoga mat the other day. 2. You can already fellate yourself. 3. It doesn’t burn any calories. 4. Heroin is more effective than yoga – you can touch the floor with your elbows and you don’t feel a thing. 5. All of the Star Wars characters suck. 6. Because yoga teachers always tell you to “breathe the pain through”.

Statistically it’s one of the safest places you can spend the day. 2. You’ve run out of cigarettes and clean thongs. 3. You don’t have to sign on until Thursday. 4. It’s the only way you won’t be tempted to break your ASBO. 5. You can’t do anything in the morning until you’ve had a cup of coffee, a cigarette and gone back to sleep. pmd 49 23/02/2006, 19:32 ARE YA’ BOVVERED? 10 REASONS NOT TO DONATE BLOOD 1. A pint – that’s nearly an armful. 2. You’ll miss your appointment at the Hepatitis clinic.

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