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By Jason W. Smith

Karl Marx spent the final seven years of his existence attempting to reconstruct the precapitalist phases in social and cultural evolution together with the levels of primitive communism obscured in severe antiquity. He was hoping that such perception may well clarify why the German social democracy had long gone instantly off onto the incorrect course, That paintings is now accomplished during this publication.

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The Stage of Advanced Theocratic Chiefdoms Let us look at how our formula says that the SURPLUS VALUE column is subdividing: Lp + t  V1, V2 + SV Storage/Support Profit /Theocrats Lp = labor-power t = Chalcolithic and Bronze Age technology in the Old World; Classic and some post-Classic technology in the New World . V1 = cost of labor-power V2 = cost of maintaining technology SV = surplus value: its distribution is the locus of the general crisis in this Stage. ) To the degree that the theocrats are also part of the high ranks, this is a “double dipping” for them.

This could have been handled with fertilizer, crop rotation and irrigation. The reason they move is because they found the tremendous effort involved in “starting over” all over again, to be good for the spirit of collectivity, cooperation and egalitarianism. In strictly economic terms “starting over” dumped a great deal of labor-time itself. That is, labor time could have been used in other ways far more productive in the short run. Why didn’t this go on forever? Because, something just as critical as the mode of production was changing.

Lenin dispatched David Ryazanov to Berlin armed with plenty of cash. Ryazanov bribed everyone he needed to bribe in the German Social Democratic Party and got this material to safety in Moscow where it remains today. It became the core of the Marx Engels Institute library. Marxists in our profession such as V. Gordon Childe continued to tackle the subject of causality and process in primitive communism leading to the division of society into classes and the state. But their excellent work was mechanical rather than dialectical and was therefore insufficient.

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