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In this way, the exponential factor in (8) may be determined as a function of /i, and hence nm(h)Qt sec χ. In practice, the horizontal motion of the satellite reduces the reliability of observations made from it. Nevertheless, if the atmospheric composition and density changes very little with horizontal displacement over the range of observation, good results would be obtained. Hinteregger and Chaikin (1978) have carried out preliminary analysis of data obtained using the spectrophotometers on the AE satellites.

1976). A major source of 0 2 is the reaction o + + o 2 —► o2+ + o, (40) in which the 0 + ions are in their ground 4 S state. C). At altitudes around 200 km where the concentration of 0 2 is relatively small, (40) dominates over direct photoionization, θ 2 + hv ► 0 2 + + e. (41) Charge transfer from N 2 is also unimportant because of the small relative concentration of N 2 . 54 H. S. W. Massey The 0 2 ions are lost almost exclusively by dissociative recombination: θ2+ + e ► 0 + 0 (42) with rate coefficient a.

Eff " M;Mn ' (30b) Tj, Tn being the respective temperatures of the ions and gas atoms, and Mj, M n their masses. St. 7, (31a) = ( 2 . 7^x^20, (31b) x being written for Teff/300. This is shown in Fig. 9. For the reactions (28b,c), the variation of the cross section with velocity over the range of importance is considerably less, but in both cases the same procedure was applied successfully by Albritton et al. (1977) to confirm the interpretation. From the unfolded Qr(v), St. 65 x 10" 4 x4) x 10" 1 8 300 700 m3s"1 1 < x < 20, x = Teff/300.

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