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By L. M. Jackman, S. Sternhell, D. H. R. Barton and W. Doering (Auth.)

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With less stable equipment it is necessary to use rather high sweep rates in order to minimize The Experimental Method 51 errors arising in this way. However, a compromise is necessary as the absolute value of the integral, and hence the accuracy with which it can be measured, decreases with increasing sweep rate. The distortion of signals by ringing (p. 35) is generally assumed not to contribute to the value of the integral.

23,487 gauss) cannot be easily cycled as they are saturated. In this case, all curvature correction must be made by current shims and a more elaborate system of shims is used. Incorrect adjustment of curvature is readily recognized by its effect on line shapes. f. field and the cylindrical sample is The Experimental Method 33 greatest at the axis of the sample. Therefore, if the sample is situated at the top of a "dome" and the field swept from low to high fields through resonance, the centre of the sample, being at a slightly higher field, comes into resonance first, and as this part of sample is strongly coupled it gives rise to a strong signal.

A convenient estimate of The Experimental Method 31 resolving power is provided by the measurement of line width. For this purpose a substance capable of giving a very narrow absorption line should be used. Acetaldehyde or tetramethylsilane are recommendedf. The line width is expressed as the width (in Hz) of the line, measured at half-height (see Fig. 1-2-9). Another criterion of resolution is introduced below (p. 36). The statement of an index of resolution with published spectra is a desirable F I G .

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