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By Lara M. Zeises

Critter and Jesse were on the subject of Seattle considering the fact that her dad moved in with their mom. nearer nonetheless on account that he took off six years in the past and Layla made up our minds to elevate Sea as one in every of her personal. It’s a choice none of them regrets, specifically now not Critter. He’s greater than a brother–he’s Seattle’s ally. Now it’s holiday, and Seattle and Critter are hunch sitters, no less than until eventually summer season college begins in July. It beats operating like Jesse, or worse, learning like Layla wishes them to. It’s too scorching for Seattle to be on her skateboard–too scorching, even, for Critter to be scamming on women. yet Sea comes up with a plan for them to bluff their method into the ritzy swimming pool the subsequent city over. gigantic mistake. quickly Critter’s bought his center set on a Penn Acres princess, whereas Seattle’s attempting demanding to not fall for a skater boy at the rebound. For the 1st time in a protracted whereas, they could seek advice from somebody yet one another. Then Seattle’s dad exhibits up without notice, and how of existence Critter and Seattle have consistently recognized starts to alter much more. . . . From the Hardcover variation.

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As I dragged my body up the concrete steps, all I could think was What the hell? Critter and I wrestled all the time and not once had his boy parts tried to get freaky-friendly with my girl ones. Then a voice said, This is Critter we’re talking about. The walking hormone. The boy who once professed to getting a boner while watching Martha Stewart oil an antique coatrack. He was probably all juiced from watching the princess grease herself up. I did my best to shrug off the weirdness, grabbed my towel, and began to dry off.

I couldn’t sleep— couldn’t even find a pain-free position to curl my body into during this state of hyper-awakeness. Late-night infomercials and the pint of Ben & Jerry’s kept me semi-sane, even though Critter’d bought Phish Food (his favorite flavor), instead of the Cherry Garcia I’d asked for. , looking rougher than I felt. “You’re up early,” she said, kicking off her regulation rubber-soled shoes. “More like late,” I told her. ” She frowned. ” “Few minutes ago. ” I didn’t see the point, but it never does much good to argue with the Nurse.

Multiple lines of sweat were dripping down Jesse’s flushed face. ” he said. He unbuttoned his white shirt and collapsed into the green velvet easy chair that lay perpendicular to my couch. Then he had the nerve to co-opt my small oscillating fan—the only source of cool air I had on my skin, which had become so hot to the touch I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust. “Hey,” I protested weakly. ” Jesse said. ” Critter and I exchanged looks, because neither of us had called Nurse Layla. “I’m on it,” Critter said, springing into action.

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