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Animal Defenses (Animal habit)

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If it is attacked, a smelly, Bad smells, Bad tastes, and powerful poisons 59 poisonous foam bubbles from its body. The foam not only makes the grasshopper taste bad, but it also is strong enough to kill a dog. Likewise, the lubber grasshopper of the southeastern United States is clad in warning colors of black and yellow. It also bubbles an irritating foam that is toxic enough to kill a bird. Opossums that swallow a lubber quickly throw it up. Ladybugs with bright red shells and black dots are also wearing warning colors.

Like its larger cousin, it can swiftly dig a burrow when danger threatens. It runs into the burrow head first and plugs the opening with a plate of armor that covers its hind end. The three-banded armadillo is the only armadillo that can roll itself up so tightly that it looks like a scaly croquet ball. This armadillo can also unroll slightly to peek out and see if its attacker is still there. If the attacker comes close to investigate, the Animal Armor 51 Only the tail, fins, eyes, and mouth stick out of a boxfi sh’s boxy suit of armor, which is created by linked scales.

These are well-camouflaged fish that lie on the seabed in some tropical waters. Their spines pierce and kill predators that grab them. Surgeonfish, which also live in tropical waters, have a pair of Animal Armor 41 Sea urchins, like this common sea urchin found along the coast of Scotland, use their bristles for moving as well as defense. razor-like spines on either side of the tail. The fish slashes at attackers with these spines. Sticklebacks are named for the spines that stick up on their backs.

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