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By Lianne Warburton

Amphetamines, together with crystal meth, are a number of the strong and addictive medicinal drugs to be had. Their illicit use has devastated groups far and wide North the US. This name explores the technological know-how and historical past in the back of standard stimulants, and offers information regarding dependancy and cures.

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Tests also showed he had The Devil’s Candy: Crystal Meth and Other Amphetamines feel good. Soon, tolerance develops. People need to use more and more of the drug to get the same good feelings that they got the first time they took it. This often leads to “bingeing,” in which people abuse large severe, permanent lung damage. The doctors didn’t expect him to make it. After 11 days he awoke and was taken off the ventilator and it looked like he was going to come home. Three days later, he pulled his knees to his chest and said he was having a panic attack and began vomiting blood.

Cooks are very protective of their product and are often users themselves. This makes them paranoid. They may set traps using fishhooks, guns, or electrical or chemical barriers. IS IT A METH LAB? Most meth labs have similar features that give them away. Here are some of the signs law enforcement officials look for: • • • • • • • Visitors and traffic at all hours (day and night) Paint-remover cans, pill packages, and broken glass in garbage cans Covered windows Propane tanks (with blue fittings) Unusual odors (anhydrous ammonia smells like cat urine) Coffee filters (with red residue on them) People who go outside to smoke If you suspect someone has a meth lab, stay away and report it to a trusted adult or to law enforcement officials.

The reasons for doping are different for every athlete but often include some of the following: • • • • • • Addiction Easy access to the drugs To improve the athlete’s performance Ego or a very strong desire to win Peer pressure or pressure from family, coaches, or the media To remain competitive with other athletes who are using the drugs Also, sometimes people take drugs such as stimulants without meaning to or without realizing that they are taking them. This happens because some stimulants are ingredients in sodas, cold medications, herbal products, and energy drinks.

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