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Examines the indicators, factors, and results of Alzheimer's sickness and different dementias and demonstrates how a number of remedies impact the mind to aid deal with those disorders...Title: .Alzheimer's affliction And different Dementias..Author: .Lillrank, sonja M., M.d./ Collins, Christine Collins, Ph.d. (EDT)/ Levitt, Pat (FRW)..Publisher: .Facts on File..Publication Date: .2007/01/01..Number of Pages: .118..Binding variety: .LIBRARY..Library of Congress: .2006010414

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Symptoms can start in people as early as age 30 to 60. Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, which is the far more common type, does not appear to be similarly inherited. In this form of AD, a less strong genetic link exists but other factors including lifestyle, education and environmental factors play a role as well. WHAT CAN WE SEE IN THE BRAIN? In Alzheimer’s disease, the nerve cells stop working because the illness disrupts three processes that keep the neurons healthy: 47 48 Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias communication, metabolism, and repair.

A simple blood test will tell the doctor how the patient’s thyroid gland is working. The condition is treatable with thyroid hormone supplementation. Blood tests can also detect infectious diseases like HIV and syphilis, which can cause dementia-like symptoms. Deficiency of some vitamins, especially the group B vitamins, can cause cognitive dysfunctions. Other blood tests may be indicated based on the patient’s family and medical history. Often a brain scan like computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is performed to rule out strokes, tumors, or normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH).

3 Two neurofibrillary (tau protein) tangles are visible in this section of a cerebral cortex. © Pr. J. Hauw/ISM/Phototake amyloid plaques or neurofibrillary tangles (or both) have done some damage to neurons in the hippocampus. The cerebral cortex starts to be affected, too, evidenced by emerging changes in cognitive abilities. In a brain scan, it might be possible to see some shrinkage of the hippocampus and the cortex, and perhaps some enlargement of the ventricles. The most typical clinical sign of mild Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss.

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