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1945 1950 1947 India gains independence from Britain. 1948 Indian government passes the Atomic Energy Act, the beginning of its nuclear program. 1955 1955 Canada agrees to supply India with a powerful 40-MW research reactor, known as the Canadian-Indian Reactor, or CIR. July 1960 CIRUS starts operating. 1960 1962 India predicts nuclear energy will generate 20 to 25 GW of electricity by 1987. 5 GW by 2000. 1965 1970 1972 Work begins on a pilotscale Fast Breeder Test Reactor. It was expected to become operational in 1976, but it was delayed until October 1985.

But the rogue software apparently modified the commands that list the active blocks in a way that omitted certain blocks—the ones that related to intercepts—from any such listing. In addition, the rogue software might have been discovered during a software upgrade or even when Vodafone technicians installed a minor patch. It is standard practice in the telecommunications industry for technicians to verify the existing block contents before performing an upgrade or patch. We don’t know why the rogue software was not detected in this way, but we suspect that the software also modified the operation of the command used to print the checksums—codes that create a kind of signature against which the integrity of the existing blocks can be validated.

1 GW, a mere to pursue only peaceful uses of nuclear technology. 3 percent of the country’s total electricity-generating This time around, though, the outcome was decidedly capacity. Although India is the fifth-largest producer different. Within two years of the tests, the United of electricity in the world, in nuclear generation States decided to re-engage with New Delhi, laying capacity it is not even among the top 15 countries. the groundwork for strategic military partnerships. Despite 60 years of development and government Now, nine years after the Pokhran tests, India and support, India’s nuclear establishment has failed to the United States are trying to embark on a nuclear produce either the world-class technology or the large collaboration of unprecedented scope.

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