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By George W. Harris

What sorts of people will we aspire to be, and the way do our aspirations healthy with our rules of rationality? In Agent-Centered Morality, George Harris argues that the majority folks aspire to a definite type of integrity: we want to be respectful of and sympathetic to others, and to be loving mom and dad, buddies, and contributors of our groups. opposed to a triumphing Kantian consensus, Harris deals an Aristotelian view of the issues provided through sensible cause, difficulties of integrating all our matters right into a coherent, significant existence in a fashion that preserves our integrity. the duty of fixing those difficulties is "the integration test."Systematically addressing the paintings of significant Kantian thinkers, Harris indicates that even the main complicated modern types of the Kantian view fail to combine all the values that correspond to what we name an ethical lifestyles. through demonstrating how the which means of lifestyles and useful cause are internally similar, he constructs from Aristotle's idea a conceptual scheme that effectively integrates all of the features that make a lifestyles significant, with no jeopardizing where of any. Harris's elucidation of this procedure is a tremendous contribution to debates on human company, sensible cause, and morality.

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This does not rule out uniquely moral obligations, but it does require that if there are such obligations, they must be practically rational for agents like us. 2. To understand how this conception of regulative norms aids in a defense of Kant, it is first necessary to understand the kind of objection to which it is a response. The kind of objection I have in mind applies to the impartiality requirement as a necessary feature of any rational morality. " Both terms are distorting, I will argue, for they are misleading as characterizations of either morality or practical reason.

In chapter 3 we will see more of what the integration test involves in terms of human behavior. But here the important thing is that there is nothing a priori that rules out the possibility that Kantian internalism, understood as the claim that the CI procedure must serve a functional role within our psychology, might pass the test. In what follows, then, I will proceed with the methodological commitment of applying the integration test to both the CI procedure and the Aristotelian conception of practical reason.

17. , 23. [11] . See Immanuel Kant, Critique of Practical Reason , trans. Lewis White Beck (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1956), 5:30–31; Marcia Baron, Kantian Ethics Almost Without Apology (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1995), 44–45; Allison, Kant's Theory of Freedom , 230–49. ― 41 ― ing the premise that necessarily P can do x only if P has a motive to do x. [12] It is difficult to see how to accept this argument as it stands without endorsing conclusions that I am sure neither Kant nor Korsgaard would accept.

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