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By Annie Goetzinger, Pierre Christin

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Also because of tills situation they pay less in the way of taxes than the rest of the population, and the regular population must pay more for the general outlay which has been increased to cover the additional grants and services for the refugees. These conclusions follow logically from the generally known THE WEST GERMAN ECONOMY 27 facts about the extent of integration. To support them statistically is of course extraordinarily difficult. A short while ago, the Ministry of Finance of the West German Federal Republic made a far-reaching survey 1) of the dead economic weight 'Western Germany has to bear.

In the case of Western Germany this has so far not taken place. All private and public assets had to be shared somehow with the dispossessed newcomers. It is often overlooked that the 38 million persons living in Western Germany at the end of the war had to share immediately with the 9 million newcomers much of what they had managed to save from the war. This was not such a heavy loss in the private sector of the economy, except in the case of housing. In most cases, dwellings designed for one family had to shelter two.

This policy will continue to delay the process of German economic recovery, and in consequence will delay the assimilation of the refugees. Looking back over developments since 1945 it is astonishing to observe that the question of whether or not Western Germany could really make use of this gigantic increase in labor power did not come to the fore until to-day. It has been only recently in the IRO and ILO that the possibility of helping Western Germany through mass emigration has come up for attention.

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