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An encyclopedia of aviation and area, from early mythology to destiny clients, together with additionally points of similar matters resembling astronomy and medication. contains either brief definitions and lengthy essay articles illustrated with diagrams, drawings and pictures, many in colour.

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22,000 lbs. 000 ft. J Loening, Grover Cleveland American aircraft designer, manufacturer Born: September 12, 1888; Bremen, Germany The P-38 flew primarily as a long-range escort beginning of the industry. the B-17's and B-24's on deep penetration raids over patents and has received Germany. In honors for escort, the Pacific, P-38's, in addition to flying flew long-range fighter-bomber missions bombs beneath their wings. 50 carrying caliber machine guns and one 20 millimeter cannon. The P-38 was probably the first aircraft which was so fast in a dive that culty, a it encountered compressibility problem which was not solved See also: Second World until diffi- many Claude G.

Also, lubrication helps to decrease the wearing of machine parts where they rub against each other. Lubricants range from liquids to solids. The vari- ous grades of lubricating ordinary temperatures, Greases are lubricating oils to a semisolid consistency soaps. tively which flow readily classified as at liquids. which have been changed by the addition of metallic They are used for the lubrication of comparaslow-moving gears and bearings, where it would be difficult to retain lubricants include stone, oils, are and a liquid lubricant.

On June 18, 1861, Lowe gave a demonstration using a tethered balloon as an observation platform. He rose 500 President first ft. over the nation's capital and sent Abraham Lincoln a telegraph message, the recorded use of air-to-ground communications, describing what he saw. Lincoln was so impressed that he authorized the creation of the Low-altitude flight Low-altitude bilities of flight as corps with defined in terms of the capa- man and machine 10,000 feet above sea level. humans do not need any survive, such as is said to extend Up up to to this altitude, additional assistance to oxygen or pressurization.

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