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By John Macquarrie, James F. Childress

A key reference paintings for a all who're learning Christian ethics.

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And does such an affect ethically discredit the piety, the theology, or the God worshiped? The second issue is anthropological: How much should the evidence from the Aggression is a pugnacious behavior in which the threat or use of violence initiates conflict or destruction. It may be directed against persons, objects, groups, nationstates, or meaning systems (some examples are cursing, ridicule, book burning). Aggression usually connotes either uncontrollably ferocious reaction to stress or unprovoked combativeness in an attempt to obtain territory, resources, or dominance over others.

All the laws of the universe are grounded in the eternal law of God's own being. Human beings participate in this eternal law and perceive their chief moral duties by the law of reason (natu- Anglican Moral Theology/Ethics ral law*). This is amplified and interpreted by divine positive law made known in the Old and New Testaments, without which sinful humans cannot attain to their supernatural end. Here was a firm foundation for the Caroline moral theology—an inexact but convenient term to denote the works on moral theology published in England during the seventeenth century, when the subject was highly esteemed by church people of all persuasions.

The elderly fear the vulnerability and resourcelessness that comes with advanced age (Ps. 71:9-10; Ecclus. [Sirach] 3:12-16; 41:2). , Ecclus. 33:20-21). At the same time, they enjoin respect and care for parents (Ex. 20: 12; Deut. 5:16; Ecclus. 3:1-18). "Honor your father and your mother. " The command of the Decalogue* "Honor* your father and your mother" requires a reverence* akin to religious awe. The analogy 14 Aged, Care of the between the parent-child relationship and the bond between Yahweh and Israel is a commonplace, especially in the prophets.

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