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General Characteristics: Range: 6 when mated with a guidance kit and a set GBU-28, a loser-guided bomb. 5 inches Weight: 4,400 pounds 1 1 Warhead: A 4,400-pound bomb made the BLU-1 ] has knifed artillery tubes, 3 contains 630 pounds of Tritonal high explosive. Designed to pen- hardened etrate from surplus 8-inch its targets, way deep employs a it tail bomb fuze that detonates the The fuze into the heart of the target. is after it attached to the bomb strikes the target. The bomb can penetrate 20 feet of concrete or more than 00 feet of earth.

5-pound warhead to destroy ships and hard and fragmentation. Guidance System: The onto the target. To spot. The strike the Hellfire will also ground observers or other The Longbow Fire explodes on impact. designated target, the missile homes on the laser guide on a laser spot projected onto the target by aircraft. missile Hellfire Once system to locate targets. It aircrew guides the missile by projecting a laser spot the Longbow fire control radar Longbow AN/APG-78 feeds engagement parameters uses the Apache helicopter's Control Radar (FCR) acquires the target, it (MMW) to the missile's active MilliMeter-Wave radar and inertial guidance systems.

The 6,000 feet. blast effects of this If dropped below weapon require a minimum that altitude, the blast could release altitude of damage the deliv- ery aircraft. The blast of the BLU-82 makes bunker complexes and other defensive that the width it extremely effective at destroying fortifications. Experience has shown bomb has a strong psychological effect on the enemy. The bomb will clear an LZ (helicopter landing zone) about 260 in jungle terrain. It feet in has also been used to clear minefields but with less success.

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