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By Anjali Arora

"Both beauty and health are an essential component of an ideal character. This e-book is a advisor to ideal well-being and beauty.

It offers a close account of the anatomy of the surface, discusses a variety of universal epidermis difficulties like zits and zits and offers ideas to make your dermis supple and fit. It additionally tackles different beauty and health difficulties.

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Always use footwear which are well-fitting and comfortable. This helps you getting support. High heels make you lean forward placing your back and bottom at an awkward angle. This in turn puts more pressure on the toes. Often this results in tingling of toes, backache, etc. The spine also gets affected. Choose your footwear carefully. You can wear fancy heels in the evening for a short duration. During the day, try to stick to something more flat. Tight socks or stockings also constrict the feet and toes.

It is the protein of the hair which gets denatured. This affects the hair quality, eventually leading to excessive breaking and shedding of hair. Myth Greying of hair occurs only in old age. Fact Premature greying of hair can occur in children and young adults due to nutrition deficiency. It can also occur in some people due to heredity.

Weigh yourself and see if you are overweight,obese or “have ideal weight”. Are you overweight ? Is your skin too hairy or dry? Do you have heavy thighs caused by overeating and you do not have enough exercise? Do you have spots on your face? Is your face not glowing? Is your hair dull and dry? Are you slumping ? If you are a woman, have you been regularly examining your breasts for any lumps? If not, do it right now!! Recognising your defects is a good beginning. At the same time, do not neglect your assets.

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