Ask Great Questions; Get Great Results

This is the core process of strategy before tools. We call this the QALIA. The Question, Audience, Listening & Learning, Influencers and The Answer.

The QALIA is why we can ensure a successful strategy is implemented every time. The reason the QALIA is so successful is that it starts with asking a great question. It sounds easier than it is. The question is what forms the basis of the problem we are working to solve or the opportunity we want to invest in. It is more than just a great question; it has to be THE question. You can learn more about it by clicking ‘The Question’.

The end result is THE answer. We have a huge toolbox full of tools like Social Media, Web, Mobile/Web Application Design & Programming, Advertising, Public & Media Relations and the list goes on.

Read through the QALIA and you will see what we mean.


The Question

The Question is the foundation for building up to The Answer. There is the one question that if we answer it, we know we will have the exact set of tools and strategies that will enable your business to achieve its goal.

This is a simple process but not easy. The Question must be very specific. That’s not the difficult part. The hard part is being able to design The Question without already jumping ahead to the answer.

When a business can do that, there is no limit to the results it can achieve.

Now that you understand The Question, time to move to the Audience.



What part of whose mind do you want to occupy? That is who the Audience is. This is a very special group of people who have an interest in The Question we are trying to answer.

This group may be a segment of new customers, current clients, employees, media or anyone who will receive the greatest benefit when we answer The Question.

The Audience is a group your business provides value to through your product or service. Once we have identified the Audience, we can move on to Listen & Learn.


Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn is where the charm and experience of the QALIA is found. There is always a special insight about the Audience and The Question that very few business owners can see. This insight provides great understanding about the issue or opportunity and how the Audience will act or wants to act.

Finding the insight of Listen & Learn is what makes successful marketing programs and strategies generate results. It is also the lack of insight that causes their failure.

We have worked hard at developing this skill at PinPoint Strategies and your business can benefit from that skill.

The Audience does not make buying (or buy-in) decisions on their own so it is important to also include the Influencers in any successful marketing strategy.



Influencers are the hidden factor behind failing businesses and those who become outrageously successful. The Influencers are those persons, groups, ideas, and beliefs that the Audience looks to before they make a decision.

All great results in a business’ marketing strategy have considered the Influencers; either by design or by accident. Getting great at targeting the Influencers can even save a strategy that has missed the mark on the Audience.

At PinPoint Strategies, we have become specialists at identifying the Influencers and turning them from enemies to allies.

Have you been able to hold off on trying to answer The Question too soon??? Great! Now you are ready for The Answer.


Now for the Answer

This is the only ANSWER to The Question. To YOUR Question. It is the only answer that considers the Audience, Listen & Learn AND the Influencers with respect to your question.

Seem a little too loose? It is. The Answer is now that set of tools we use to grow your business. Now your marketing can tell you WHY Social media, online/web, advertising, promotion, public/media relations, mobile and all other marketing tools will work to get results.

Better yet, the Answer lays out WHICH tools should be used and HOW they will all work together. Using the QALIA assures great results.

At PinPoint Strategies, we have successfully used the QALIA in businesses of all sizes… without FAIL.

The only question now is will YOU ask great questions to get great results.

pinpointAsk Great Questions; Get Great Results