Marketing to Sell

What is the difference when you are marketing your business to put it in a position to sell versus Marketing for Growth???


A potential buyer for your business is looking for the same systems and processes that you demand from your business.

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Marketing for Growth

The primary staple for measuring the success of your business is growth. The metrics like Revenue, Profit, Unit Sales, Head Count, etc. are all metrics used to quantify growth but the primary purpose of operating a business is to grow ‘something’. Whatever that means for you and your purpose.

In fact, this concept is so commonly known that most business owners and professionals take it for granted.

Is there a difference between marketing your business for growth versus marketing to position your business for sale?

The short answer is no.

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Ask Great Questions; Get Great Results

This is the core process of strategy before tools. We call this the QALIA. The Question, Audience, Listening & Learning, Influencers and The Answer.

The QALIA is why we can ensure a successful strategy is implemented every time. The reason the QALIA is so successful is that it starts with asking a great question. It sounds easier than it is. The question is what forms the basis of the problem we are working to solve or the opportunity we want to invest in. It is more than just a great question; it has to be THE question. You can learn more about it by clicking ‘The Question’.

The end result is THE answer. We have a huge toolbox full of tools like Social Media, Web, Mobile/Web Application Design & Programming, Advertising, Public & Media Relations and the list goes on.

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